Public Safety Debate

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Public Safety vs. Civil Rights Debate
Michelle D. Mott
AJS/522 Legal Issues in Justice and Security
April 14, 2013
Professor Brenda Ward

Public Safety vs. Civil Rights Debate
In the United States public safety versus civil rights has become a very serious issue in the Criminal Justice System. Almost every day concerns in courtrooms involving civil rights and public safety issues associated with controversial issues involving death penalty, gun control, pursuit driving, and hate crimes. Law enforcement and government is caught up in the debate of enforcing the current laws and amendments as well as balancing the safety of the people civil rights associated with the administration of justice and security within the communities. This paper will evaluate some of the key issues associated with the current laws and amendments associated with the administration of justice and security debates on deterrents and violations of civil rights and the public safety on issues of death penalty, gun control, hate crimes, and pursuit of driving. Public safety versus civil rights debate

In a poll taken by Darren Yarborough, out of 772 votes, 440 votes believes that Public safety is not more important than civil rights. This issue has been a very serious issue for people within the United States. The news reports almost daily that there are some type of protest on the in regards to people that does not agree with what the government is doing when it comes to their civil rights. This argument has been at the forefront of many political issues for the United States because people are in disagreement about public safety and their civil rights being violated. The Civil protect citizens and are considered to be the foundation of this country. Under the Civil Rights laws criminals, terrorists, and enemies of the state are protected as well as the law abiding citizens. But with that, come the protection of, and the freedom for these people to move and operate against American ideals. The slightest restrictions on civil rights increases the safety of the general public, enables law enforcement agencies to operate more fluidly, and increases the rate for crushing the opposition. “The safety of the general population is far more important than the protection of the rights of one citizen” (Yarborough, 2009). Many people argue that the restricting of civil rights in the name of public safety is unfair and unjust, but the same people will turn around and lobby for law enforcement agencies to work harder to protect them from terrorism and any other types of criminal acts. There are people that believe that the two types of principles cannot go hand in hand, and that the safety of the public is far more important than civil rights. There is a question going around amongst citizens that could it had been possible if crime and domestic terrorist act that has been successful, could authorities have prevented them if they were properly trained. Civil rights have been put into place to help protect citizens and restrict law enforcement agencies from operating in an unorthodox manner. Yarborough (2009), "With tighter restrictions, certain people and certain actions do not slip by government agencies, and decrease the risk for a terrorist act of happening in the United States ” (para. 1). Pubic safety of its people is the most important job of the government. Many times the government fails to do its job when more emphasis is placed on civil rights (Yarborough, 2009). The Death Penalty

Death penalty advocates believe that “you do the crime, you do the time” message acts as an unfriendly reminder that the consequences of crime are unwavering (Bedau & Cassel, 2004). The death penalty or as some may call it capital punishment is the legal process when a person is put to death by the state for punishment because of a crime he or she has committed. When a person is found guilty in the court of law for committing a capital crime such as murder include...
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