Public Relations Specialist

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Public Relations Specialist

Patricia Butherus
1st Period
A public relations specialist’s job is to maintain a person’s or organization’s positive relationship with their customers, the public, the media, and any future customers. Also, public relations specialists get the word out to customers and the media. They invite reporters to and plan press conferences, plan promotional events, and set up factory tours. For grand opening events, they coordinate with marketing and advertising personnel to announce and organize the opening. It has a very high employment rate.

The history of public relations is mostly based in the early half of the twentieth century; but there is proof of the occupation scattered through history. One notable PR specialist was Georgiana Cavendish, Devonshire Duchess whose efforts in the 18th century included press relations, lobbying, and celebrity campaigning. Many past American PR specialists are found in the form people who specialized in promoting circuses, theatrical performances, and other public spectacles. Public relations originated in the US. Many scholars believe that the first appearance of the term "public relations" appeared in the 1897 Year Book of Railway Literature. Some historians believe Ivy Lee was the first real public relations specialist, but Edward Bernays, a nephew and student of Sigmund Freud, is generally believed today as the profession's founder.

A PR specialist has many responsibilities such as, to create and maintain close and productive relationships with journalists, bloggers, and opinion leaders. They have to create communication materials—which include press releases, presentations, video scripts, and speeches—making sure they are consistent with your client's image and message. Also, they have to arrange and conduct programs to keep up contact between organizations (representatives and the public), represent employers at community projects, make film, slide, or other visual presentations...
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