Public Relations Process

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Public Relation Process
Is the act that outlines the various steps to be undertaken before implementing any program or events to ensure the success of a program while public interests (internal & external) are not affected.

PR Methods & Techniques
1. Publicity – refers to relationship between an organization’s public relations & communications manager and the editor journalist associated with both press and broadcast media. 2. Press Releases – a written report concerning a change in the organization which is sent to various media houses for inclusion in an item of news. Statements usually highlight developments like promotions, new products, awards, prizes new contracts & customers. Statements made are usually short in style & attractive so as to grab attention. 3. Press Conferences – usually and by organizations or individuals when a major event has occurred. 4. Interviews – usually done with the organization’s representatives, with the aim of conveying news/events 5. Events – organizations is usually have limited control here

3 Major Types of Events
Product Events – are aimed at increasing sales and at creating awareness and interest in products being provided Corporate Events – these events are aimed at developing corporate bodies and usually generate a lot of local media coverage

- These events facilitate awareness, good will and interest Community Events- These help and contribute to local communities
- they facilitate sponsorship of local causes like disturbing of children playgrounds
- they contribute to local community by being good employers and goodwill and awareness in the community

4 Steps of PR Process
1. Research – can be defined as the controlled objective, and systematic gathering of information for the purpose of describing and understanding Research Methods
I. Formal Research Method (or Quantitative Techniques)
II. Informal Research Method ( or Quantitative Research)
The Importance of PR Research
Helps PR...
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