Public Relations Is an Honourable Profession

Topics: Public relations, Maslow's hierarchy of needs, Motivation Pages: 4 (1241 words) Published: September 18, 2011
Public Relations refer to the winning of the hearts and minds of various stakeholder of an organization. Public Relations is defined as the deliberate, planned and sustained effort to establish and maintain mutual understanding between an organization (or individual) and their various stakeholders (PRIA, 2008). Public Relations practice is socially beneficial. It is a process whereby it provides a two-way communication between the subject and stakeholders, which is mutually beneficial to both the parties. Public relations serve a diversity of institutions in society such as government, business, trade union, agencies, and voluntary associations, educational and religious institutions. History and development of PR

The emergence of modern public relations as a profession starts in the beginning of 20th century just over 100 years ago. The term ‘Public Relations’ was first used in 1897 when it appeared in the Association of American Railroads Yearbook of Railway Literature. Though there is no single founder of modern day public relations however in the early 20th century, several figures emerged as leaders in the profession. Two of these leaders are Ivy Lee (1877 – 1934) and Edward Bernays (1891- 1995). He supported the philosophy which is now called the “two-way street” approach to public relations. The task of public relations is to help clients not only communicate messages to the public but also to listen as well. Bernay’s philosophy was that public relations is a combination features of sociology, psychology and etc. Bernay’s clients were large major organization, government and actors. He was the one who changes the American attitude to ballet and dance and women’s smoking. He had succeeded in creating and developed strong and healthy public relations in many aspects of human life.

Four models of PR - Press Agentry, Public information, Two-way asymmetric communication, Two-Way symmetric communication Six Theories – Innoculation theory, Domino Effects,...
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