Public Relations

Topics: Security, Police, Surveillance Pages: 1 (253 words) Published: July 6, 2011
discussing the public relations image and perception of professionalism of the private security industry. What are some examples from the article of the importance for members of the private security industry to possess the same level of professionalism as the public police? How can a negative image impact the security of a given community? How can this image be improved?

Private securities that have the same level of public police are viewed as officers by those of the community. The big difference is that they are hired by a private company not by the police force. They do apply the same methods as the police. Some carry firearms like police and most private companies can use the same amount of force as an officer as well. Private security is becoming more common, so having a close relationship with those of the community and with the police themselves. They are hired to patrol and even use force and arrest for complexes, malls etc. A negative impact can be like stated in the article them using their authority to harm others and hurting others. Because to the public private security don’t have the power that an officer does people don’t take them serious so that can be a negative because they don’t believe that they can do anything to them. The image can improve by showing the community that they are indeed have some level of authority as an officer and that they are there to protect just like an officer.
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