Public Relations

Topics: Public relations, United Kingdom, Member of Parliament Pages: 8 (2520 words) Published: September 5, 2010
Writer: Kevin Chavera
Course: Public Relations (Daystar University)

2.PR as management function.
3.Kenya Parliament and its publics
4.Mission, goals & objectives with regard to PR activities.
5.Crisis management and media relations.
6.PR and organizational change.
7.Research and Evaluation: public attitudes and public opinion. 8. Conclusion.

The Kenya National Assembly, also known as the Kenya Parliament, is an organization which consists of an assembly of the representatives of Kenya as a political nation and it is the supreme legislative authority. Its main functions are: (1) Representation of the people, (2) formulating, amending and repealing laws (legislation), and (3) overseeing the executive. It is headed by the Office of the Speaker and under him are various departments called Directorates; among them is the Directorate of Information and Research. The Public Relations Office falls under this department and this paper will discuss the practice of PR in this organization. Under this various aspects will be tackled such as: communication, organizational change, crisis management, media relations, mission, goals, and objectives with regard to PR activities. 1. PR as a management function in the Kenya National Assembly. To gain insight into this area, an interview was conducted with a Public Relations Officer at Parliament, Mr. Japhet Muthomi. As mentioned earlier, the Public Relations Office falls under the Directorate of Information and Research. It exists alongside the Library Department, Research Department, and ICT Department. According to Mr. Muthomi, it works hand in hand with the fully pledged Research Department in an effort towards researching, analyzing, affecting and re-evaluating the relationship between Parliament as an organization and its publics.

2. The Kenya Parliament and its publics.
The Kenya Parliament has two main publics. The Members of Parliament (MPs) are the most important internal publics. The staff members of various departments also constitute the internal publics. These departments include the Directorate of Legislature and Committee services, Directorate of Administration, among others. The external publics consist of the general Kenyan publics who include constituents represented by MPs, other government departments, such as ministries and parastatals, and finally the media. 3. The mission, goals and objectives of the Kenya National Assembly with regard to PR activities. The Parliamentary Service Commission (PSC) has the primary responsibility of facilitating Members of Parliament to effectively and efficiently execute their responsibilities. The PSC therefore formulated a strategic plan through the participation of all stakeholders. This strategic plan is a statement of the way forward in achieving of goals by the PSC and it was adopted also as a proactive tool to address the goals that that must be achieved in line with Vision 2030. According to the Parliamentary Service Commission Strategic Plan (2008-2018), the following are the vision, mission, and objectives of the Kenya National Assembly: Vision: to be a supreme, effective, efficient and self-sustaining parliament as a major participant in the process of good governance. Mission: To facilitate Members of Parliament to efficiently and effectively fulfill their constitutional mandate in a representative system of government by upholding and ensuring the autonomy of Parliament in its corporate relationship with other arms of government. Some of its core values are: professionalism and teamwork, objectivity, impartiality in delivery of service, accountability, transparence & integrity, courtesy, efficiency and responsiveness. Some of its objectives are as follows:

(1) To strengthen the capacity of members to make...
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