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Gold Paper 10 April 1994

Quality Customer Satisfaction Public Relations
New Directions for Organisational Communication

This publication has been funded by a grant from Deutsche Bundespost Postdienst

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Foreword Acknowledgements Introduction An overview of quality and customer Satisfaction in public relations An overview of customer satisfaction and image Measuring quality in public relations ISO 9000 – quality standards and Certification in public relations A “smorgasbord” of quality improvement Options in day-to-day operations Quality in different cultures and Environments A quality improvement program and the road ahead Appendix A: Satisfied customers – Our future Appendix B: Customer satisfaction and quality in public relations: A bibliography

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The series of IPRA Gold Papers, initiated in 1973, has now reached no. 10. Its aim is to stimulate debate within and around our association on topics to vital interest to us as public relations practitioners, educators, or researchers, and on the communication between organisations and their key publics – internally as well as externally. The first nine Gold Papers dealt with several of the key issues for our profession, such as education, research, and ethics.

This Gold Paper no. 10 contains a series of challenges to all public relations professionals – public relations officers, consultants, educators and researchers: o How do we meet new demands on us? o How do we improve our professionalism and our day-to-day quality? o How do we make better use of academic research in our work? o How do we spread the quality gospel in our organisations? o How do we meet the certification demands from Governments, clients, and our own managements? o How do we take command of one of the most challenging of all contact issues – customer satisfaction measurement, evaluation and improvement?

As IPRA President, I urge our members to fuel the debate around those questions in their home constituencies – their own companies, government boards, associations and among their public relations colleagues. I urge other readers to observe the serious efforts of our worldwide association to improve the quality standards of our employers as well as ourselves, and to make good use of the high degree of professionalism that is demonstrated through this Gold Paper.

On behalf of the IPRA members, I extend my sincere thanks and warm congratulations to the IPRA CSQ Task Force that produced this thought- provoking and action-oriented Gold Paper.

Paris, April 1994

Pierre Hervo IPRA President 1994.

IPRA wishes to thank the following members of the IPRA CSQ Task Force for their devoted work in the period 1992-94 which resulted in this Gold Paper no.10 and the presentation at the XIIth Public Relations World Congress in Punta del Este, Uruguay, April 12-15, 1994:

Editing Group: Dr Gert Schukies, Deutsche Bundespost Postdienst, Bonn, Chairman and representative of the main sponsor Mr Göran Sjöberg, WORLDCOM Sweden, Stockholm, IPRA Past President and Member Emeritus, CSQ Task Force Coordinator Ms Kirsten Berth, Alpha Beta, Copenhagen, Editor of the International Public Relations Review, Deputy Coordinator Professor Donald K. Wright, University of South Alabama, Mobile, member of the editing group with Sjöberg and Berth Professor Claes Fornell, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, specialist member on customer satisfaction issues

Other members: Ms Marie Blomqvist, Customer satisfaction staff, Sweden Post, Stockholm Mr Curt Görman, President,...
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