Public/Private Partnerships

Topics: Contract, Public–private partnership, North Carolina Pages: 2 (600 words) Published: August 16, 2013
Accountability Analysis:
I-85 Improvement Project

Delicia Terrell
December 20, 2012
In any private/public partnership you find you will examine the most essential element of the partnership and that is accountability. In other words the execution of responsibilities and being answerable for them, it is important that each sector is liable for their part in the decision-making process ((Demirag, & Khadaroo, 2011). This aspect of PPPs is pivotal because there must be proper handling of public funds and to ensure that the services that were promised are delivered successfully (Lecture 5 notes, 2012).

In my recent example I examined and researched a North Carolina PPP called the I-85 improvement project. This project involved infrastructure building and improvement on one of the most popular highways in NC- the I-85 corridor. This project is a public/private partnership between the NCDOT and three bidding contracts totaling $20.9 million for work. NCDOT awarded the contracts to the lowest bidders this is required by state law- Associates Inc. of Rutherfordton, American Contracting & Services Inc. of Jeffersonville, Ind. and Crowder Construction Co. of Charlotte (NCDOT, 2012).

This partnership with the three lowest bidders and the North Carolina state government involved an extensive detail contract. This contract laid out the responsibilities and duties of each party and a thorough examination of the risks involved. The most important aspect of the contract outlined the services to be performed and the payment for services rendered. All three bidders job was to improve a part of NC highway infrastructure.

The private sectors parties where held just as accountable as the public sector side. In measuring the private sector liability we look at performance measurements. Some of these measurements included budgeting efforts, improved operations, contract monitoring, benchmarking, and reallocation of...

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