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Ryan Brushingham
Public Policy
Immigration Policy

Immigration is important to a nation’s growth and economy. As of 2012, U.S. immigrant population is 40.8 million, or 13% of total U.S. population (Nwosu, Batalova, Auclair, 2014). Between 2011 and 2012, foreign-born population in the US increased by 447,000, or 1.1% (Nwosu, Batalova, Auclair, 2014). 16% of the United States civilian labor force, or 25.7 million out of 157.6 million workers is made up of immigrants (Nwosu, Batalova, Auclair, 2014). The top 5 U.S. states for number of immigrants are California with 10.3 million, New York with 4.4 million, Texas with 4.3 million, Florida with 3.7 million, and New Jersey with 1.9 million (Nwosu, Batalova, Auclair, 2014). However, immigration is a controversial issue. Just like many issues, the Democrats and Republicans have apposing viewpoints when it comes to immigration policy. The Democrats are pro-amnesty, while Republicans are anti-amnesty. In the United States, most of the illegal immigrants enter the country through the US/Mexico border. As of 2011, there are around 11,500,000 illegal immigrants in the United States (, 2013).

With this many illegal immigrants in the country, it causes problems. For example, it puts an economic burden on tax-paying citizens by taking away jobs from US citizens and giving some businesses unfair economic advantages. Since illegal immigrants are undocumented, businesses can pay them below the minimum wage. Businesses that use this tactic as a way to use cheap labor can put other competing companies out of business. When a business uses undocumented workers, that company’s good or service price is lowered. On the other hand, businesses that use only documented workers are at risk from being out of business because they cannot compete with the prices of the company that uses undocumented workers. Increased crime rate is also another problem. A few years ago, the Obama Administration enacted Operation Fast and Furious in order to track drug cartels. In the operation, tracking devices were placed in weapons and sent to cartels. However, the US government lost track of the weapons and the movements of the cartels. Many of the illegal immigrants that enter the United States are or have been associated with drug cartels. When people like this enter the US, crime rates increase.

I have created a bill that will tackle the problem of illegal immigration. First, borders on both sides of the US will be strengthened by more barricades and personnel. US coastal waterways will also be patrolled more heavily. Recently, tunnels underneath the US/Mexico border have been discovered. These tunnels will be closed off in order prevent more illegal immigrants from using them. Next, benefits to illegal immigrants will be cut. Illegal immigrants still receive emergency medical care, K-12 education, and food stamps. They also receive Medicare benefits. According to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, approximately $70 million will be saved if illegal immigrants were taken off of Medicare (Howell Jr., 2014). Valid birth certificates will be required for everyone wanting to receive Welfare, Medicare, K-12 education, and any other government-funded program. Next, illegal immigrants with any criminal history and/or association with drug cartels will be deported immediately. This is an important step in reducing crime nationwide. When illegal immigrants enter the country, it undermines the efforts immigrants trying to legally enter the United States. The US Citizenship Process is long and could possibly discourage immigrants from becoming legal US citizens. This is the process. First, find out if you are eligible (Apply US Citizenship, NA, ND). Second, complete an application and collect necessary documents (Apply US Citizenship, NA, ND). Third, get photographed (Apply US Citizenship, NA, ND). Fourth, send your application, documents, and fee to the Service Center (Apply US...

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