Public Police vs. Private Police

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In the field of law enforcement there are different types of departments and agencies with different roles and responsibilities. When working in law enforcement one either is employed by the public or a private company. Each side has very similar and different responsibilities that play a big part in law enforcement. Each area has their advantages and disadvantages as well.

The first private police organization was started by Allen Pinkerton in 1855 known as Northwest Police Organization. Private security is basically run as contract services. Organizations and people contract private security for protection of personnel and property. Guard services, private investigators, body guards, and retail detectives are all apart of the private security arena. Private security arena.

Private security officers are primarily responsible for protecting and securing institutions, businesses, and residences. They patrol properties and ensure safety codes are enforced. They do not have legal privileges as police officers but some are armed and in some cases can make arrests, depending on their training and licensing or the grounds they patrol. They also work closely with law enforcement and emergency response professionals. Their roles and responsibilities may differ depending on the area they are working for example a hospital or retail store.

Private security officers are seen as either static or mobile, meaning they monitor the interior or exterior of a property using surveillance equipment or they patrol on foot or in vehicles. Due to security officers not allowed to be involved in dangerous situations, communication is very vital. They used mobile communication devices to communicate with other officers while patrolling premises.

Security officers are expected to be able to clearly communicate verbally and on written reports. They must at times testify truthfully in court or describe an incident to their superior. Their job is not physical...
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