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Topics: Town square, Town, Crime Pages: 1 (364 words) Published: April 14, 2014
Many people stay home during sunny weekends and complain that they have got nothing to do. Most people are becoming anti-social after electronics devices were introduced. This is why I believe that we need more public places such as parks and town squares.

Public squares can pollute the environment because of all the cars and buses coming and going. However that means many people come to town. Having public squares can reduce crime. If there are more people in one place, robbers are less likely to steal things. Even though having many people in one place can be chaotic and busy, but there are a lot of eyes looking around. If someone is about to steal something many people near the area will probably suspect it. Having somewhere to meet and hang out is a perfect chance to make their friendships better and be more sociable.

Public squares aren’t the only public areas. There are parks which are also very important. Public parks are fundamental needs in every town. It is a great place to promote public health and engagement of communities. People value the time they spend in public parks, whether walking a dog, having a picnic or exercising. Along with these obvious leisure amenities, parks can also provide measurable health benefits by providing clean environment, opportunities for physical activities and social interaction. Parks are the finest area to hold every kind of sports games.

Parks aren’t only the best for fitness, it is necessary for the environment. Earth’s trees are descending fast because of people chopping them down so that is why wee need to plant more. Have you seen a park without a single tree? I don’t think so. Furthermore parks can create stable neighborhood. Green spaces have shown to create neighborhoods with fewer violent and property crimes where neighbors tend to support and protect one another.

Some people say they need more public places such as parks and square. People have different ways of liking public places. Because of...
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