Public Involvement in Eia

Topics: Environment, Sustainability, Environmentalism Pages: 3 (1005 words) Published: June 30, 2013
Explain public involvement in the EIA process. Give the example. According to United Nations, EIA can be defined as an assessment of impacts of planned activity on the environment. EIA also have be defined as a technique and process by which information about environmental effects of a project is collected, both by developer and from other sources, and taken into account by the planning authority in forming the judgment on whether the development should proceed (Department of Environment, UK, 1989). While the involvement of the public meant the process by which public be given the opportunity to take action that could affect the decision of a plan or policy, or favorable treatment from the government. In terms of the environment, public participation can be defined as the process of two-way communication made on a continuous basis. It involves efforts provide an understanding to the public about the process and investigate mechanisms and solve the needs and problem of the environment by the related agencies. Through the participation in EIA the public will fully informed about the status and progress of the study and the implications of a planning and assessment activities. The history of the issue of public participation and involvement in decision-making related to the environment began to be addressed at the international level starting with the United Nations Conference through the World Charter for Nature in 1982. However, the issue is not to be taken seriously in international until the early 1990s, especially after the year 1992 through the Conference Organization of the United Nations on Environment and Development in Rio de Janeiro (Adapted: Applestrand, 2002). Explanation of community involvement contained in Agenda 24, chapter 21 through to chapter 32. Through chapter 36, there is stated “The Country.... should encourage public discussion on the policies related to the environment and its assessment". While chapter 8 stated the need for a better...
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