Public Health and Health Advocacy Project

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Weekly Guide

Community Health Advocacy Project Overview

Each week you will use the Weekly Guide to guide you through the process of creating a hypothetical, community health advocacy project due in Week Six. The following breakdown represents each week's part:

• In Week One, you select an aggregate and write questions to help you identify areas of strength and of need.

• In Week Two, you focus on describing the characteristics of your aggregate and writing an action plan on how you would apply each of Christoffel’s three stages as an advocate for the aggregate.

• In Week Three, you apply the three levels of prevention to your aggregate’s health concern and select the best theoretical model to help you address your advocacy concerns. This model will guide your project in Week Six.

• In Week Four, you design a data collection tool that will be used with your aggregate population.

• In Week Five, you formulate two outcome goals that are specific to your aggregate.

• In Week Six, you design a hypothetical, community health advocacy project based on your completed Weekly Guide. You must submit your completed Weekly Guide in Week Six with your project.

Week One

Part One

Select an aggregate with a health concern that interests you. You will use this aggregate throughout the class as a basis for your Community Health Advocacy Project due Week Six. Aggregate chosen: Pregnant Teens

Think of some questions you would like to find answers to regarding your aggregate. Write questions that help you identify areas of strength and of need.

1. What is the educational impact for children born to teens? 2. What is the socioeconomic impact to the teens and their children? 3. What can the parents of the teens do to support them during the pregnancy? Week Two

Part Two

Describe characteristics of the aggregate you chose in Part One. Include the following:

• Definitions of community and aggregate with support from the literature

• Community is defined as a locality-based entity, composed of systems of formal organizations reflecting society's institutions, informal groups, and aggregates. • An aggregate is a subgroup of the community population who share one or more personal or environmental characteristics

• Differences between aggregate and community

By defining aggregate and community earlier in the paper, the author will compare the selected aggregate, pregnant teens, in California State versus the United States

• Identification and description of an aggregate

A health issue because it is associated with adverse educational, health,

and economic outcomes for both mothers and children

• Minimum of four current references in addition to the textbooks, dated from the last

Three years

Identify Christoffel’s three stages in a conceptual framework for advocacy.

1. Information

2. Strategy

3. Action

Write a short action plan, in 350- to 600-words, on how you would apply each stage as an advocate for your aggregate.

Action Plan:

The author will identify the extent of teen pregnancy as a health problem from research reports, private sector, and government agencies to produce statistical data. • Every year 16 million females ages 15 to 19 give births accounting for 11% of all births globally (Porter & Holness, 2011). • Severity of occurrence is linked to adverse educational, health, and economic outcomes for both mothers and children (The National Campaign, 2012). Stage Two: Strategy

The author anticipates that the two ways to improve this health issue is by creating and implementing educational programs in the public and at school. The school may include in the curriculum that will give the teachers an opportunity to discuss the risk factors not only to the teens but...
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