public health and community health

Topics: Sex education, Adolescence, Abortion Pages: 2 (723 words) Published: October 27, 2014

Public and Community HealthTanyale BellHCS/457October 27, 2014 Rebecca BrownPublic and Community HealthIn today’s 21 century there are many national, state, local government, and health agencies with large amount of information that reflects on teenage pregnancy. For a long time teenage pregnancy has been a number one issue in the United States. Within, my paper you’ll find actually facts showing on how the information overlap, the type of structure you see at each levels of government, what functions do you see at each level of government, what levels of government work together, and the define of public and community health information overlapping. The Iowa Department of Public Health has information regarding teen pregnancies. Iowa Department of Public Health's focus is teen and young adults of the age of 10-24. Reproductive health is one thing the IDPH tries to help prevent and monitor. This includes reducing pregnancy, reduce new HIV diagnosis, reduce STD's, and Promote safe sex practices, such as condoms, or birth control (IDPH - Adolescent Health, no date)

Today there are many programs to help reduce teenage pregnancy but with serious economic, social, and personal cost, teenage pregnancy will remain a problem. As a nation we are in a major competitive disadvantage, with increase in teenage pregnancy and with birth rate on the rise, many agencies are overlapping because of the increase of services area and the related issues that involve federal, state, national and government funding sites and look alike sites. Consequently, teenage services areas will overlap, but only in large areas with diverse unmet and underserved area. When both agencies and communities shares all of the same service area can cause an overlap in compromise a principle. Since the structure between levels of have change over the years. Government and other public health agencies such as, teen pregnancy agency has been working together to keep their surveillance and data actual...
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