Public Health 1800-1900

Topics: Factory, Industrial Revolution, Vaccination Pages: 3 (1139 words) Published: March 4, 2013
How Far Had Public Health Improved 1800 – 1900?

Imagine if you were working in a factory at least for 16hours in a dirty atmosphere, then when you eventually get to go home, you have to go through the smell of overflowing cesspits, and finally you enter the dingy little room with a bed in the corner filled with sleeping family, how would you feel? Well, in the 1800s- 1900s poor people lived exactly like that, because they were lacking the effectiveness of public health, which was suppose to let people live longer lives and to promote health by preventing diseases. In this essay I’ll be talking about the reasons on why the public health was so bad, also about people’s life styles and medicine, and how the study of organisms and sharing of knowledge all around the world helped.

The living conditions in the 1800s depended on the class people were in, poor people lived in the miasma of the overflowing toilets that filled the slums with narrow streets and bad ventilation, while the upper class enjoyed the nice open air and huge mansions with at least 2 dozen servants. This had a huge impact on the death rates that time.

The death rates at that time were extremely high and the life expectancy varied a lot between different classes. For example the life expectancy of an upper class person was around 50 years old, while a factory worker’s was around 35 years old. These different life expectancies shows that the people that came from wealthier families lived longer because they had better food and clean water and also they had more money to spend on medicine. A worker from a factory or field would usually die because of diseases or injuries caused by the lack of money they had, also because the medical knowledge wasn’t as developed at that time all around the world, as today.

In the 1800s doctors did not know what caused the diseases and thought the germs were the result of diseases and not their causes. There were several common deadly...
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