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Describe the purpose of public health reports and why they are used in local and national areas. The Health Protection Agency, The Department of Health or charities such as the Terence Higgins Trust are all created by professionals that work for these organisations. Regarding particular health issues or illnesses and diseases they examine and look for trends. Regarding to particular health conditions such as heart disease the reports often contain a variety of recommendations for health improvements and also set priorities for care settings and health professionals. Including encouragement to people to complete more exercise or persuading them to eat a balanced diet. The Black Report 1980

In august 1980 this report was commissioned by the Department of Health and the labour government published it during the conservative government’s first team. This claimed that the health was getting worse in the UK since the introduction of the NHS. From a lower social class compared to a higher social class it was found the mortality rates were worse from people. There were some recommendations from the report made to improve public health and they included a national food survey, an expansion of domiciliary care and the department of Health to lead a focus on health equalities. The Acheson Report

The labour government commissioned Donald Acheson in 1997 to produce a report on health inequalities in the UK. To reduce these inequalities they wanted him to make recommendations on what the government needed to do. His report made many recommendations and followed on from two significant health reports for previous governments which are the Health Divide Report 1987 and the Black Report 1980. There is three areas of priority identified for the government including the focus on health of families with children, monitor and improve living standards of poor household and evaluating all government policies in terms of impact on health. Saving Lives: Our Healthier Nation Report...
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