Public Grooming

Topics: Analysis of variance, Statistical hypothesis testing, Null hypothesis Pages: 5 (1417 words) Published: September 16, 2006
People have always had this habit of publicly grooming themselves without bothering what other people might say about them. This kind of behavior has been very much evident in almost everybody that we became immune to it. We have lived with it for a long time that we don't even notice the fact that we are actually spending most of our time grooming ourselves, publicly.

1.1 Objective of the Experiment
This study aims to determine the effect of gender, age, and the time of the day on the behavior of public grooming.

1.2 Scope and Limitations
This experiment involved the students, teachers, and other people who pass by Melchor Hall and NEC. Since the subjects chosen were mostly from the College of Engineering, the result of this study does not represent the whole UP population. Therefore the result is not an accurate generalization of the entire UP population.

1.3Significance of the Experiment
Through the results of this experiment we were able to explain how the three factors under study affect people's public grooming. We were also able to determine who are the people that has more tendency to groom themselves publicly.

1.4 Assumption
It was assumed that if a person looks at the one-way silver tinted glass for at least 5 seconds it is already considered grooming.

A car with one-way silver tinted glass was parked between Melchor Hall and NEC. Data were collected twice a day, morning and afternoon, 30 minutes each for one week. People who looked at their reflection on the one-way glass for at least 5 seconds were counted, and those who did not were also noted to get the percentage of the observation. Data were then specified according to gender (male or female), age group (below 25, 25 to 40, or above 40), and the time of the day (morning or afternoon). The gathered data will be evaluated using the Three-Factor Analysis of Variance and Test of Hypothesis.

This study aims to determine if gender, age, and time of the day affect the public grooming behavior of people.

The factors under study are the gender and age of the person and the time of the day he groomed himself in public.

The response variable is the number of subjects in the sample. The percentage of the observation was determined. And they are then grouped under the three different factors.


5.1 Choice of Sample Size
5.2Mathematical Model
The model used here is Three Factor Analysis of Variance (ANOVA). The model tried to determine if the factors (gender, age, and time of day) and their interaction with each other have any significant effect to the public grooming behavior of the population. To get the test statistics ANOVA table was used.

Sources of VariationDegrees of FreedomSum of SquaresMean SquareComputed f Time of Day (A)(a-1)SSASSA / (a-1)MSA / MSE
Gender (B)(b-1)SSBSSB / (b-1)MSB / MSE
Age (C)(c-1)SSCSSC /(c-1)MSC / MSE
AB (ineteraction)(a-1)(b-1)SSABSSAB / (a-1)(b-1)MSAB /MSE AC (interaction)(a-1)(b-1)SSACSSAC / (a-1)(c-1)MSAC / MSE BC (interaction)(b-1)(c-1)SSBCSSBC /(b-1)(c-1)MSBC / MSE ABC (interaction)(a-1)(b-1)(c-1)SSABCSSABC/ (a-1)(b-1)(c-1)MSABC / MSE Errorabc(n-1)SSESSE / abc(n-1)


To get the values for the above table, the following formulas were used :
SSA = [( yI)/bcn] – [(y)2 / N ]
SSB = [( yj)/acn] - [(y)2 / N ]
SSc = [( yk)/abn] - [(y)2 / N ]
SSAB = [(yij)/cn] - [(y)2 / N ]
SSAC = [( yik)/bn] - [(y)2 / N ]
SSBC = [( yjk)/an] - [(y)2 / N ]
SSABC = [( yijk)/n] - [(y)2 / N ]
SST =  yijkl - [(y)2 / N ]
SSE = SST – SSA – SSB – SSB – SSAB – SSAC ¬– SSBC - SSABC The resulting Sum of Squares values were divided by their corresponding degrees of...
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