Public and Private Policing

Topics: Security, Police, Surveillance Pages: 3 (872 words) Published: August 18, 2009
There are many similarities, as well as differences between public and private policing; however, despite differences public and private police tend to mirror each other to a certain extent (Nalla & Newman, 1990) Private policing serve as many roles in the community. Some of the major components of private policing are the alarm systems, investigative services and security guards. “Public police act on behalf of the government and society to enforce laws, maintain the peace, detect crime, respond to emergencies, assist victims of crime, and provide assistance in prosecuting offenders.” (statcan.gc) Private police are seen to be concerned with the protection of personal and corporate interest while public police represent the interests of the public and enforce regulations of the judicial system. “Private policing, comparison to public policing, has been described as passive policing as to active policing, or as proactive and preventative rather than reactive: where public police generally react to the crime, private police through surveillance and presentation are seen to prevent crime (Wilson 1994)

Private and public security has shared skills, experiences and security technologies such as video and training that bring them together. Both sectors share the same goal and that is to protect the people and their property. Police recruits are to go through training requirements to ensure that they are suitable for the job; however, public police go through a more standarized training at colleges and academies while private police differ depending on company and offer minimun training standards.(statcan.gc)

There are many differences between the private and public security sector. Private securities have the ability to pick and choose the tasks and duties that are performed. This is one of the main advantages that private policing has over public policing. Private security perform duties such as securing gated communities by checking for residency or...
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