Public Administration: Accountability

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When the word Public Administration come accross one’s mind, people would think of government civil workers and bureaucracy in government office. However, Public Administration is wider than that. It comprises of many part among them are technical issues,financal issues and ethical issues.Among many of them is the importance of manegerial technique, a characteristic where an organization such as government office should have in order to organize, planned, co-ordinate and budgetting. Government office is a big organization operates by millions of government public officials and involve in trillion amount of money in term of budgettary, and from this comes the importance of accountability.

What are accountability?. Accountability generally means responsibility for someone or for some activity. The key understanding to accountability is responsibilities that are put on hold for someone for his or her action. However when the word of accountability is impose on Public Adminitstration, accountability in simplest form is answerability, implies that accountability involves limited, direct and mostly formalistic responses to demands generated by spesific istitutions or group in the public agency’s task environment.More broadly conceived Public Administration acountability involves the mean by which public agencies and their workers manage the diverse ecpectations generated within and outside the organizations (S.Romzek & Dubnick, 2006).

Accountability is important in order to ensure that government officials are responsible in all of their actions and the tax payer’s money, meaning the financial budgett that are given to them are spent in as it suppose to be. Accountability will serve as check and balance for government officials as they are held responsible for their action.These will lead to more efficient and objective function of government office hence raising the trustworthiness level to government office by people. It can be argued that the accountability is the fundamental prerequisite for preventing the abuse of power and for ensuring that power is directed toward the achievement of efficiency, effectiveness, responsiveness and transparency. Open, transparent and accountable government is an imperative prerequisite for community-oriented public service delivery because without it will result in covert unethical behaviour among government officials (Raga & Taylor).

The absence of accountability in an organization would lead to corruption, money embezzlement, fraud and white collar crime. Therefore it is important to have government and its offices that are hold answerable and most preferable from outside the organization. The awareness of having accountable Public Administration have arises among citizens, and therefore government officials are held with certain expectations and responsibilities for every action they take.In the case in Malaysia, the manifestation of the importance of accontability in government is showed through last General Election where the government are close to losing to the opposition. Many claims this happen due to people’s dissatisfaction with government and its offices mainly on the accountability aspect. Malaysians evolving from traditional acceptance to anything to modern society that are more critical and responsive than before. People began to show interest in Public Administration and its accountability. As mention earlier, people need to be convince of the trusworthiness level of their government. A corrupt Public Administration means the government has failed.

Importance of Accountability.
Accountability is a must have characteristic that every government office must have.The public has every reason to expect non profits and...

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