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Some amendments have been brought in the “Interpretation” part of the HRMM to reflect the changes in the PSC Regulations. The „Interpretation‟ part shall now read as follows:-

In this manual,

"appointment", as in the Regulations, means (a)

the conferment of an office of emolument in the public service, whether or not subject to subsequent confirmation, upon a person not in the public service;


the conferment upon a public officer, following a selection exercise, of a public office other than the office to which the public officer is substantively appointed;


the grant of permanent and pensionable terms of service in a public office to a person recruited and serving on contract terms of service or in an unestablished capacity in a pensionable or non-pensionable public office;


the engagement in a public office of a person on contract terms of service for a further period of service on the conclusion of his previous period of engagement on contract terms in the same or other public office;


the permanent transfer to an office in the public service of a member of the civil service of another country who is serving on temporary transfer in an office in the public service;


the transfer of an officer serving in one public office to another office in the public service carrying the same salary or salary scale;


the appointment of a public officer to act in any public office other than the office to which he is substantively appointed.


"approved service", as in the Pensions Act, means service with any international organisation or corporate body approved by the President. A list of Approved Services as at January 2011 is at Appendix 1A


"classified document" means a document graded as secret, confidential, restricted or personal.



"disciplined force", as in the Constitution, means (a)
a naval, military or air force;
the Police Force;
a fire service established by any law in force in Mauritius; or (d)
the Mauritius Prisons Service.
"Disciplined Forces Service Commission" means the Commission established under section 90 of the Constitution.


"General Services" means any cadre/grade referred to in Appendix 1B.


"Judicial and Legal Service Commission" means the Commission established under section 85 of the Constitution.


"night work" means work which is performed for a period of not less than seven consecutive hours and which includes the interval from midnight to 5 a.m.


"officer" means a public officer.


"officer operating on a roster basis" means an officer who does not work on a 24-hour basis but is expected to work, not in relays, but according to a plan showing the commencing times and finishing times of turns of duty which may include night duty or not.


"officer operating on roster (day)" means an officer whose turn of duty starts either at or after 4 a.m. or goes up to 8 p.m.


"officer operating on roster (day and night)" means an officer whose turn of duty may start either before 4 a.m. or extend beyond 8 p.m.


"officer working at staggered hours" means an officer who works normal hours but who is called upon to work, on a regular basis, at irregular hours including Saturdays and Sundays against time-off during his normal working hours.


"Senior Chief Executive, Ministry of Civil Service and Administrative Reforms" means the Supervising Officer of the Ministry responsible for matters relating to the civil service in general.


"promotion", as in the Regulations, means the conferment upon a person in the public service of a public office to which is attached a higher salary or salary scale than that attached to the public office to which he was last substantively appointed or promoted.


"class-to-class promotion" means promotion to a rank which entails greater...
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