Public Administration

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Public Administration
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Q&A - Public Administration Courses and Classes
Is there any open courseware available for online public administration courses? If you are taking 1 of the top online public administration courses you can supplement your studies with courseware from a prestigious or foreign university. You may want to consider Fundamentals of Public Policy offered through Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The entire course, as taught in 2004 by Professors Steve Meyer and David Laws, is available free of charge. This includes assignments, lecture notes and readings. There are additional classes that may be interesting to public administration students available through MIT’s Open Courseware. Harvard University Extension also offers free classes that may be useful to public administration students including classes on war and society in the twentieth century and statistics. While enrolled in your accredited public administration course online you should check out the open courseware in international public administration available from the United Nations Public Administration Network (UNPAN). Although free, registration and a password are required. The courses are divided into 4 categories: electronic and mobile government, institution and human resources, knowledge management and millennium development goals. Very detailed open source classes are also available through the Open University of Nairobi. Although the applicability of online public administration classes may be limited, the Open University of Nairobi online classes entitled Introduction to Public Management and Public Administration Governance have downloadable texts between 100 and 200 pages long complete with self-assessment sections. What blogs or other online resources might be useful in my public administration courses? There are 2 types of blogs that might interest you as you progress through your online public administration courses: blogs by university students...
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