Public Administration

Topics: Management, Bureaucracy, Max Weber Pages: 3 (858 words) Published: April 12, 2013
Administrative Management t is the study of how to create an organizational structure and control system that leads to high efficiency and effectiveness based on Max Webber’s Theory of Bureaucracy and Fayol’s Principles of administration Management, Bureaucracy, the word itself stems from the word originated from Western Europe which means ‘rule by office’ Theory of bureaucracy is an administrative or social system that relies on a set of rules and procedures, separation of functions and a hierarchical structure in implementing controls over an organization, government or social system. The structure of this type of organization system is known as a vertical pyramid power structure ,with many more offices ,bureaucrats and employees located at the base or also known as service level, than there are at the top or the management level. The offices and workers at the lower levels typically are subjected to rules and regulations that dictate how they must functions and every actions conducted by this level must be documented so that a record of what was done can be made available to offices and administration at higher levels of the bureaucracy. In the 1930s Max Weber, a German sociologist, wrote a rationale that described the bureaucratic form as being the ideal way of organizing government agencies. According to his view he categorized bureaucracy into the following characteristics Division of labor allows workers to focus only on the tasks they are assigned to. Jobs are broken down into simpler routines and well-defined tasks. An example of division of labor would be most obvious in factory assembly lines. Weber thinks that division of labor in an organization is effective, as overtime, it develops practice and familiarity of assigned tasks and workers will become best at what they do, hence, improving the organization’s productivity level. The strength of division of labor is that tasks are less complex and easier to understand. There will be lesser...
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