PTTLS Assignment 1

Topics: Education, Psychology, Learning Pages: 3 (796 words) Published: October 13, 2013
Evaluate What You Believe Are Your Main Roles And Responsibilities As A Teacher / Trainer In Relation To The Teaching And Learning Cycle And In Particular When Meeting The Needs Of Learners. How Far Do Your Responsibilities As A Teacher / Trainer Go And How Do These Work In Relation To Other Professionals You May Encounter, Both Internally And Externally? What Boundaries Are There With Your Role And Between That Of Other Professionals?

Identifying Needs
My first priority is I need the subject I am teaching to be learnt as well as possible to all my students/learners. I would identify what needs they might have other than just learning the material that is at hand. If one or another of the students is dyslexic this may involve handing out the content on yellow paper to aid the student to understand the information ( It may also allow me to investigate the best way to deliver the course content, whether this would be through practical application or a lecture delivery, or a mixture of both.

Planning Learning
The learning material needs to be relevant to the subject I am delivering and any discussions had should be kept to the point of the course, albeit whilst encouraging enjoyment of the subject and the way it is delivered so that the students retain as much information as possible. I would have to plan and prepare each individual learning element of the course and where relevant complete the appropriate risk assessments to allow the course to take place safely and ensure I have met my responsibilities under The Health and Safety at Work Etc. Act 1974. If I need further guidance on this element I can contact the relevant health and safety department at my work, or contact the health and safety executive for more in depth guidance. I can obtain guidance on any elements of the course which I need further clarification on from specialist lecturers / professionals in that area enabling my...

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