PTSD research paper

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What are the effects of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder when not treated?

By Jennifer Petrell
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Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Research Paper

What are the affects of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder when not treated? There is a known battle among our nation’s combat veterans and this battle comes from within us and this silent battle is called Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. This disorder can be dated back to Vietnam now that they have an actual name for it. There are some combat veterans that believe that they do not have a problem and do not need any help. I have many combat vet friends that have failed to ask for the proper help and now their families have been affected and continue to cope and deal with the stresses and behaviors which at times can be very intense. The information that I will be addressed is from other personnel suffering from the same disorder. I hope that this paper will help others to better understand exactly how PTSD can affect those around you when you choose to not get help.

What are the affects of PTSD when not treated?
Unfortunately in the world today there has been so much conflict and war from Iraq to Afghanistan that has caused all U.S. Service members to fight for what our country stands for and that is freedom through life or death. There have been many service members that have been deployed in theater more than they have been home. In Iraq the terrorists constantly threaten the lives of our service members, with this said there is another side of any conflict and that is the way to deal with feelings or extreme rage, depression, violent sweats, flashbacks, stress induced panic or anxiety attacks. The disorder that I am discussing is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. I have been to two major conflicts in my tenure and both of them involved driving through the rugged terrain when no other unit was willing; we were the front line support for all of theater. This proved to be a very stressful load to take on knowing there were other transportation units that were to afraid to roll out in harm’s way so our commander decided that we did not get to feel fear only help those that needed their supplies on the front. Now that I have written this back story you will begin to understand my research topic. I have been on both sides of the fence with learning how to cope and get help for the PTSD. As it goes and as I have seen throughout my tenure and many deployments the common factor is dealing with PTSD. With the harsh times of redeployment and reintegration there is the fact that each service member went through different experiences while in the combat zone and most service members use the excuse that they are ok and combat has not had any effect on them or their loved ones. When PTSD is untreated tragic events occur. I can remember back years ago soldiers from the 82nd Airborne had a very extreme case of PTSD that caused them to slay and murder their loved ones. There have been so many cases that made the military start to investigate the reasons why this was still happening in big numbers. The medical staff throughout theater and through past conflicts have finally pin pointed the same disorder for any Veteran with mental health issues. I know it took a very long time for them to finally diagnose, now with this said when a disorder such as this is not properly diagnosed can have tragic results. Since I am a PTSD recipient I myself know exactly how hard this disorder is without having mood stabilizers. I will have my good days and there will be times when I have a violent mood swing, there are also times when I want to hide away from my wife and kids to I can calm myself. PTSD has an umbrella of mental issues that all veterans have to deal with whether big or small. When I have asked other PTSD sufferers they had the same symptoms as me, I have an innate fear of crowds now that is not usual for me since I want to be the center of...

References: Turville, Jeffrey U.S. Army Transportation NCO, I have utilized as a reference more facts and research will follow.
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