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PTSD essay

By Jessica N Done

Santa Rosa Junior College


STRESSFUL EVENTS AND PTSD When Cindy Oakley was 16 she was raped many times by her brother’s friend. Cindy was verbally threatened and forced to do perform different sexual acts by him. She never told her family; however, she did tell her mom that she wasn’t comfortable with him around. Cindy’s mom respected her daughter’s wishes and wouldn’t let her son’s friend come over any more. Cindy did her best to not think about her rapes. She felt that the rapes were her fault. As a means of coping, Cindy started engaging in reckless behavior, along with lying compulsively, and drinking. Cindy married at a young age of 22. However, shortly after her marriage she began having an affair with one of her coworkers. Her affair led thoughts of her trauma, which led her to end the affair and get help for her rapes.
Cindy was tormented and raped for 5 weeks by someone she trusted. She was traumatized by being raped and never told her family because she felt embarrassed. She also had a lot of pent up guilt and fear.

Some causes of PTSD
Sexual assault
Psychical Attacks from animals or extremely violent attacks from humans
Witnessing death or serious injury; in the military, it is very common for soldiers

Childhood neglect can lead to PTSD. Being neglected can lead to Self-blame or guilt.
Car crashes
In children, the symptoms of PTSD can be different than the symptoms an adult with PTSD might experience. Children symptoms include:
Fear of being separated from parent. This is common in children with divorced parents.
Acting out the trauma through playing or drawings.
Having physical pain with no known cause

Risk factors for PTSD include:

Family history (Cindy’s dad

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