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The Helpful Boy( comedy)

List of character

Peter, always has a big smile on his face
Sophia , who is concerned about Peter
Paul , always ask for help from Peter
Mary , is a egocentricity person and quite selfish


This drama talks about a daily life story of a helpful guy, Peter. Peter would like to help others

whatever he can do as he feels satisfied with others satisfaction. And his helpful is well known in

school but its like some of the schoolmates do not treasure of his good. This day, Paul and Mary

found Peter

Scene 1: A bright shiny day, at lunchtime, in school canteen. There is a boy --- wearing a school uniform, walk with a light tripping step and there is a big smile on his face. It seems like he is having a good time.

Peter: (looking at the sky, smiling) Haha, what a beautiful day! It must be my lucky day. Aw...wait a minute (some sound from stomach), so hungry, I have only got a little breakfast in the morning, let me buy some food to eat first.

Non-verbal physical action

Peter is quite happy that he walks lightly and lively (walk around in the stage). There is one guy hiding behind him and look at Peter with a sinister smile. (for about 10 seconds)

(While Peter is going to the canteen, a boy walks by, sees Peter and is planning about how to get benefit from Peter.)

A boy: (wondering) Oh, isn't this guy Peter? This stupid guy, always say something about helping people can make this world become better? What’s that mean? Is that possible? What is in his mind actually? Is he insane? But well, fine, you love helping people right? Then help me.

(Then Paul walks toward Peter, and start talking)

Paul: Hey Peter!!!

Peter: (smiling) Oh hi Paul.

Paul: I got a big trouble!

Peter: What’s the problem?

Paul: Can you help me? Please!!!

Peter: Ok calm down first, what happen? Anything I can help?!

Paul: (talking to himself) Nail it!! This fool, how come he is so stupid?

(Then Paul answers Peter)

Peter: I had a big fight with my mum, and she didn't give me any money for pocket money. Now I am starving!!! Can you borrow me 30 dollars, please? I'm gonna return the money to you when I have money.

(Peter opens his wallet, and find out there is only 50 dollars inside his wallet.)

Peter: Oh.....well no problem, Paul!!! Sure I can help you! You are my friend right? I mean, I would help you even you are not my friend too. Hahah, here you are.

(Then he takes 50 dollars out, and gives it to Paul)

Paul: (wondering to himself) How come he gives me 50 dollars? Is he insane? What happen to his head? Does he wants to show off that he is rich?

(While Paul is wondering, Peter speaks to him simultaneously)

Peter: Are you ok? What are you thinking about?

Paul: Ah....A...... nothing.

Peter: (smiling) Hahah, actually I don’t think 30 dollars can buy you a good food to eat, so I take my own decision and give you 50 dollars. Hope it can at least get you a better food to eat, hahah, enjoy the lunch!

Paul: (talking to himself) This hypocrite!!!! He is so disgusting!!! Well fine, since you are so rich, thanks for that 50 dollars. I won’t return anything to you.

Paul: (pretend smiling) Well, thanks Pete. I really appreciate your help. I’m gonna give you back if I have my money. See you.

Peter: Hey Paul!!

Paul: (Thinking) Awww… how annoying he is!

Paul: Yes?

Peter: Well sorry Paul I know I should not make any comment on it. But here’s something I want to tell you. Actually you should talk to your mother, but not avoiding her. No matter what happen, or who is wrong or not, still, she is your mother right? You can't just keep on ignoring her. Be a man, say sorry to her no matter she is correct or wrong. It can show your tolerance and your love to her.

Paul: (surprised and his face turned red) Oh....ew......haha,...
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