Ptlls Level 4 the Importance of Record Keeping

Topics: Education, Teacher, Learning Pages: 3 (824 words) Published: October 20, 2010
Record keeping is an important key role of a teacher and the main aspect is to assist planning and set future learning goals to the learner. Records may contain learner’s information as well as teacher’s observation on the learner’s performance. They need to continually reassess to meet changing needs, e.g. personal situations may change and they may need to be considered to assist the learner to complete their studies/training. Records can also assist the teacher or college to evaluate the teaching programme, in other words, whether the teacher needs to improve or redesign any aspects of their teaching or the programme.

Good and accurate records are important for teachers, learners, verifiers, training providers, and inspectors and for employers as they can keep a track on the individual’s development and progress as well as in the teachers/college performance and professionalism in delivering the subject. Additionally, it is a legal requirement to keep accurate and up to date records on learners as it serves as a clear channel for external, as well as internal, audits. In other words, providing accurate and up to date records is to prove and account for the training/lesson effectiveness and the progress of learners or even special needs for other learners.

Moreover, the teacher can present evidence that they have fulfilled the aims of the training programme.

Records, such as attendance register, are of extreme relevance as it may indicate why a learner is falling behind in their studies and it can also indicate, if a learner is regularly not attending, that this could be an indication that they are not satisfied with either the programme or the teacher or both. Furthermore, it can also indicate external problems which could be addressed. Thus, an external referral can be made to the appropriate professional in order to assist the learner get back on track. These types of records facilitate to track issues with both the teaching programme and the...
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