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Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector

Activity Booklet

Job Search Task

Scan the internet, local and national papers/internal mailings etc. to consider teaching jobs in your relevant subject area.

Recent copies of the ‘Times Educational Supplement’ and/or the ‘Guardian’ may be helpful. The library stores current and back numbered issues. Both newspapers also have websites if you would rather use the Internet. Also consider and

From your research and discussions on programme…

What have you learnt about the availability and conditions of service of the teaching jobs you’ve found?

I began my search by looking over the TES connect website, unfortunately I found this quite disappointing as there were only two posts that were even remotely close to what I was looking for. In other subject areas or other regions of the country there were more opportunities but specific to my search, not a lot.

I also looked on the career advice service. This was a good website it was easy to use and not only did it give you a list of jobs for your specific search it also showed up with requirements for your search. It was easy to enlist on a mailing list and the career service would get in touch with any relevant news or opportunities.

Looking at FE.Jobs, this was disappointing as even the most unspecific searches didn’t throw too much up. There was not a lot of teaching jobs related to my subject area at all.

After completing some research and having discussions in our group I have come to the conclusion that there is not much in the way of job opportunity in my subject or location. It appears that the conditions of the jobs that are out there aren’t great as they are not exceptionally well paid at all.

What are the varied roles, responsibilities and boundaries of a teacher ?

Roles of a teacher

To facilitate learning
To assess learners
Provide effective teaching
To meet learners needs
To plan lessons
To give feedback
To pass on knowledge
To engage learners
To be a role model
To create a safe environment

Responsibilities of a teacher

To give feedback
To assess
To help learners achieve
To adapt for different learners
Provide credible knowledge
Be supportive and approachable
To engage
Keep up to date with legislation
Remain confidential when needed
Constantly train (CPD)

Boundaries of a teacher

Respect everyone
Stay professional
Keep it relevant
To comply with legislation
To comply with governing body
Equal opportunities
Leave personal emotional issues outside
Avoid favouritism
Be careful with social media sites
No inappropriate contact with learners

Current Legislative Requirements and Codes of Practice

Research and make a list of all the sources you can think of that could enable you to keep up to date with your subject and with teaching in general.

Produce evidence to show that you have accessed as least five of these over the next few weeks.

Keep a list of all your sources and when you accessed the sites.

Also, comment on the nature of the advice or information they offer, the relevance and usefulness of the source and how you think it might support you in your teaching role.

Sports Coach UK 1 – Gives details of CPD courses recent changes To legislation 4-7-13

There are also twitter pages that can give you quick information And bring you up to date in small bullet points.

Each sport has a governing body website that can provide more Specific information when looking at individual sports

TES connect is a teaching site that allows you to stay up to date With teaching jobs of...
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