Ptcl Marketing Plan

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Executive Summary

1.0 Executive Summary
PTCL was once a government owned company which only dealt in telephony. Ever since it was privatized, it became a full fledge telecommunications firm which not only owned its telephony but now is offering a mix of different Internet connection types. PTCL has served both individuals and companies in Internet servicing. The focus here is to attain innovativeness in new connection types and maintaining quality, customer support will be helpful to PTCL in a profitable business. Not customers receive the level of attention they want, the quality they want and Pakistan also lacks technological improvements. This plan focuses on the attainment of these opportunities. There is a lot of promise here for PTCL in terms of market share, profitability and image building. Situation Analysis

2.0 Situation Analysis
PTCL has been privatized in the beginning of 2006. After that, the company has provided a wide variety of telecommunication services to home consumers and business users. They also decided to emerge as a competitive Internet service provider. However, despite the lower rates offered by PTCL in the form of different packages, it has had issues with customer experiencing low quality and poorly managed connections. The market is now an aware one where many hold information and consumers will try to select what is best for them. The basic market need is high-quality Internet with stable connections for both the home consumers and business users. Many remain loyal due to good packages and rates and extra added offers.

2.1 Market Summary
The Internet market of Pakistan is one that is lacking a lot of quality on the connections. Customers are most of the time dissatisfied on almost any package they will get due to low quality and continuous disconnections. Be it an individual or a company, the customers are concerned with results. Customers will require attention and the firms operating lack communication and staying in touch with customers. The firms and the customers know a moderate amount of information on the market, its product offerings, pricing, the quality one should get for the certain price etc. Yet even under knowing what customers demand, there is less implementation in the firms on considering their needs and planning for their fulfillment.

2.1.1 Market Demographics
The market customers comprise of the following geographic, demographic, and behavioral factors. PTCL can divided them into three target segment customers, mid-class individuals, high-class individuals and companies. Mid-class Individuals:

• The developed cities of Pakistan in the 4 provinces. • The total targeted population is equal to the population within the developed city of the four provinces at anytime comprising only of middle-class residents. • Some individual customer are also in areas near to the developed cities outside them are also in need of this. Demographic

• Singles and families.
• Ages 10-70.
• Have attended school, college or graduate school.
• Have a household income of more than 30,000 and less than 120000 Rs. Behavioral Factors
• People are more rational and want to get what they deserve for their money. • Customers will try out different connections to setup the connection which is feasible to them and has quality. • Hard to get discouraged customers back because they create a bad image which is very difficult to remove. • Are concerned for parental advisory incase of customers with children below the age of 16 in households. • Need attention incase of trouble shooting.

High-class Individuals:
• The developed cities of Pakistan in the 4 provinces. • The total targeted population is equal to the population within the developed city of the four provinces at anytime comprising only of high-class residents. • Very few individual customers are also in areas near to the developed cities...
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