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Topics: Tuberculosis, Obesity, Poverty Pages: 2 (621 words) Published: March 13, 2013
State of the Art
All the related literature and studies reviewed in the research is useful and relevant to the present study. Lisa Kennedy Sheldon (2005) and Nurses Quick Check (DISEASE) have similar views in their literature wherein they stated that PTB occurs twice as often in men and is four times more common in non-whites than whites and increase incidence in blacks and Hispanics between the age of 24-44 years old. They also stated that people who live crowded places tend to acquire the disease. It is also related on the literature of Diana Rodriguez and Mayo Clinic states that individuals that are HIV/AIDS positive, Diabetic, Malnourished, and patients with gastrectomy and cancer are at high risk in acquiring PTB. Diana Rodriguez (Risk factors for PTB infection)(2010) also stated that alcoholics, drug users, low income individuals who are exposed with people who are infected with PTB are also at high risk in acquiring PTB. Brunner and Suddarth’s Book (2010), Lienharndt (2007) Diane Bilings and Lilian Gatlin Strokes (2009), Focus Health, Whistler (2002) have similar views in their literatures stating that factors that could make one person be at risk in acquiring PTB are crowded places, malnutrition, Diabetes, Cancer HIV/AIDS, Stress, and the elderly, conditions that makes the immune system weak. Corona et. Al. (2012) investigated the association of diabetes and TB. Betito et. Al. (2011) sought to determine the risk of lung disease among preschool children in Oas, Baao, Camrines Sur. It was confirmed through their study that age, sex, low family income, poor nutritional status, having friends with Lung disease, constant exposure to second hand smoke, polluted environment, having medical history of Lung disease in the family and a poor lifestyle increases a person’s risk in acquiring Lung disease. Dimasayao et. Al (2011) studies about the level of awareness of PTB client in the prevention of complications of PTB in selected barangays of Nabua, Camarines Sur....
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