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Implementing Physical Design

Max Haney



Oracle 11G
Microsoft SQL Server 2008
Operating Systems Supported
Runs on Windows, Linux, and Unix operating systems
Unix Linux, Windows, OS X, IOS, BSD, Amigos, Symbian, z/OS, IOS, Android Unix Linux, Windows, OSX, IOS
Interface Supported
Stored Procedures
basic PL/SQL block structure
Remote physical table, STOCK.
Latest Stable Version and Year of Release

12c Release 1

2008 R2 (v10.5)



2014 (12)

Max binary value size - unlimited
Brute force protection - Supported
Max database size -UNLIMITED
8 KB- Row sizes

Max database size and table size 524528 TB
Row sizes are unlimited
Max columns a table can have 30000
512 TB table size
32677B Row size
Open source license

4 GB table sizes
Max columns a table can have 1000
Does not support Unix or Mac OS
Max binary value size 2 GB

Max database size 512 TB
Max columns a table can have 1012
Max binary value size 2 GB

I would think that have to choose MySQL would be the best fit for Wild Wood Apartments. It may run higher in query testing but the overall processes and structure would work better for a small to medium size company. It meets all the requirements that the Wild Wood Apartments has for operating systems, table and row size, Much of MySQL's appeal originates in its relative simplicity and ease of use. This will be necessary for people who are not use to using this type of system. MySQL is a free, open-source, multithreaded, and multi-user SQL database management system which has more than 10 million installations. The basic program runs as a server providing multi-user access to a number of databases. MySQL includes a broad subset of ANSI SQL 99, as well as extensions, cross-platform support, stored procedures, triggers, cursors, updatable views, and X/Open XA distributed transaction processing support. Moreover, it supports two phase commit engine, independent storage engines, SSL support, query caching, replication with one master per slave, many slaves per master, embedded database library, and ACID compliance using the Vinod cluster engines (© The Authors JCSCR, 2012) MySQL can be built and installed manually from source code, but this can be tedious so it is more commonly installed from a binary package unless special customizations are required. On most Linux distributions the package management system can download and install MySQL with minimal effort, though further configuration is often required to adjust security and optimization settings. Though MySQL began as a low-end alternative to more powerful proprietary databases, it has gradually evolved to support higher-scale needs as well. It is still most commonly used in small to medium scale single-server deployments, either as a component in a LAMP-based web application or as a standalone database server. Much of MySQL's appeal originates in its relative simplicity and ease of use, which is enabled by an ecosystem of open source tools such as php MyAdmin. In the medium range, MySQL can be scaled by deploying it on more powerful hardware, such as a multi-processor server with gigabytes of memory. The master server synchronizes continually with its slaves so in the event of failure a slave can be promoted to become the new master, minimizing downtime. Further improvements in performance can be achieved by caching the results from database queries in memory using me cached, or breaking down a database into smaller chunks called shards which can be spread across a number of distributed server clusters. (Wikimedia Foundation, 2014)

© The Authors JCSCR. (2012). A Comparative Study on the Performance. LACSC – Lebanese...

References: © The Authors JCSCR. (2012). A Comparative Study on the Performance. LACSC – Lebanese Association for Computational Sciences Registered under No. 957, 2011, Beirut, Lebanon, 1-12.
Wikimedia Foundation, I. (2014, 10 13). From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved from From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:
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