Psycological Study on the Movie I Am Sam

Topics: Fear, Anxiety disorder, Social anxiety Pages: 3 (1135 words) Published: October 20, 2005
Social Phobia
The effects of Social Phobia

Social Phobia is an anxiety disorder that affects a large number of the world population. Large strides have been made to understand this disorder and to help overcome it with drug therapy as well as with behavioral therapy. Social Phobia in more than half the population seems to precede certain disorders like Substance abuse disorder, Panic disorder and depression. Unlike other specific phobia's, social phobia begins in later adolescence or early adulthood (Hope & Heimberg, 1993; Well & Clark, 1997). College students much like us would fall under this category of late adolescent or early adulthood. In this study we will examine the effects of social phobia in specific areas. According to The DSM IV TR social phobia is identified and marked by the persistent fear of social or performance situations in which embarrassment may occur. Exposure to social or performance situations immediately provokes anxiety response. The adolescent and adults experiencing this fear and anxiety realize their fear is irrational or unreasonable. The feared social or performance situations are avoided or endured with great anxiety or distress. Avoidance provides negative re-enforcement. The anxiety in the social or performance situation interferes greatly with a persons normal routine, occupational functionalities, social activities or relationships etc. The fear or avoidance must not be due to the direct physiological effects of a substance or general medical condition and should not be better accounted for by another mental disorder. The symptoms of Social Phobia are not by any means a rare occurrence in the general normal population nor are they in college students. In fact using a general sample as a control group, social phobia research may result in lowered power given that the control group may exhibit many symptoms of social anxiety themselves (Hofmann and Roth, 1996). The most frequently asked items on the...
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