Psycological Barriers Are More Important

Topics: Psychology, Mental disorder, Psychiatry Pages: 2 (740 words) Published: January 7, 2011
Psychological Barriers Are More Important
My View# Yes I agree.
* Psycological barriers are those barriers which are related with emotions.In communication emotions are very important.At a special time,the way a person communicating with other people is related to the present emotions of that person.The way of communication changes from situation to situation dependind upon the emotions of communicator and emotions are related to psycological condition at that time.For example a man has an idea,he will surly in excited mood,he become excited psycologically and probably his way of communication will be excited too. * Psycological barriers are more important than other barriers. If there some noise during communication, one can perceive message if he is a good listner. But if there is no noise and still one cannot percieve message if psycologically he is not in getting message.For example if a student does not succeed in getting good marks in a paper,he surly psycologically at mantel disorder and he surly he cannot listen a lecture at best of his as he can before result. * Psychological barrier are more important than any other barriers as other barriers can be removed or their effect can be overcome but it is difficult to remove or reduce psychological barriers. Other barriers are reduced by some treatments or can be removed completely by some efforts but it is surly impossible to remove or to reduce. For example if someone has lost his very close friend or relative, he becomes mentally at disorder state and this result in psychological disorder. Some his other friends and relative tries to reduce this disorder but it cannot be overcome at once but slowly may be in days or month depending on the psychological type of that person. From this we conclude that a psychological barriers are not reduce able at once as man want but slowly opposite to others which can be overcome by some forces when we want. * If there is no emotional block, another type of...
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