Psychosexual Character Analysis

Topics: Phallic stage, High school, Psychosexual development Pages: 1 (448 words) Published: August 5, 2010
Zharmaine Aguirre Psy21

Psychosexual Character Analysis

There are five Psychosexual Character Types, namely: Oral character. Anal character, Phallic character, Latency character and Genital character. But among those five, I developed the Anal character. This is my personality.

At the age of three I remember how I hide at the back of the door so nobody would notice that I’m trying to hold my feces from coming out. I don’t know why I love doing it. All I know is that although it’s a sweaty work, it’s giving me pleasure. When I reached the age of six, I was at grade one then, that I experience feces expulsion at school. I am also careless. I usually bump into stuffs around me, so I often have muscle bruises and scratches in any part of my body. Most of the time, my parent won’t let me hold a glass of water nor put it next to my plate when eating because I always end up spilling the water all over the table. When going to malls, I would run and hide under the on sale clothes that my mom would be tired of chasing me that she sometimes leave me and just ignore me. I’m too is stubborn that my father and I would frequently fight and even take no notice of each other. There’s an instance that one of my subject teacher sent me outside the room because I didn’t obey the rules that she gave. My adviser in grade six would have a discussion with me after class because I refuse to do my projects and home works. Same thing happened in my high school, my adviser talked to me in view of the fact that I had a fight with the school guard because he would not allow me to go out of the premise. I always take care of my things. I hate it when someone borrowed something from me and wouldn’t return it or return it with damage. I always wear my watch for I want to be aware of time. When there’s a meeting with friends, I’m always 5 minutes early because I believe that there’s so much we can do in every minute. I’m also a perfectionist in some...
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