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1. Todd McFarlane had a misfortunate mishap early in his life which stopped him from playing baseball. McFarlane had a drive and didn’t let this misshape stop him from becoming somebody despite this setback. McFarlane used his other interests and love for comics and superheroes and made a successful business out of it. Todd McFarlane knew that this was what he wanted to do and he survived through the hard times of long hours and low pay. After deciding he wanted to be involved in the business the way he wants to, he decided to start his own business. The personality traits that Todd McFarlane possesses are drive, passion, and charisma. McFarlane took something that was a hobby and made it into a career. McFarlane is now the CEO of McFarlane Companies and does much more than just comics now. McFarlane displays great leaders for anyone trying to start out in the business and anyone wanting to open their own company.

2. Business have a need to change with the times as technology advances, they have to be able to keep up with the times. Everything is based on technology and customers demand that the companies be up to date and be up with the times. With the majority of the world having access to the internet through computer, cell phones, tablets, etc. the companies need to make their products available and accessible the same way. McFarlane makes comic books but also launched a website for his main book Spawn so fans can communicate with each other and with him and other artists involved. If a company can reach out on a global level with technology this betters the company’s chances for future business since everyone has the ability to access the internet and sometimes prefers the internet. Some comic books are even accessible over the internet and books have taken off with the sales of the ipad, Kindle and such.
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