Psychology the Science of the Mind and Human Behavior

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Psychological Methods - Final Project 

Psychology is the scientific approach to analyzing the mind and the cause for human behavior (Schacter, Gilbert, Wegner, 2007). Like many other forms of science, it is based on research that is conducted to solve a problem. Many times these discoveries are achieved through the use of theories and the methods used to test them. Generally research initiates with a problem that requires a specific method or approach to resolving the problem at hand. One approach to studying human behavior is the naturalistic approach. This approach can be used to examine the relationship between alcohol and violence. Naturalistic observation method allows a researcher to gather the information necessary without interfering or manipulating the data being collected (Schacter, Gilbert, Wegner, 2007). The advantages of using the naturalistic method is that it allows the researcher to view the use of alcohol in a normal setting such as bars, restaurants and other places where alcohol is typically consumed. Another benefit to using this approach is that it also allows room for additional ideas that help to further the study and lead to possible breakthroughs.

However there are some limits to using this method of study due its typical gathering of information which seeks to find a connection to alcohol and violence through the compilation of statistical data which may not necessarily result in the true cause of violence. There are other shortcomings to this method such as the lack of control on any t variables involved in the study. This type of observation can also be time consuming and expensive to conduct.

Ethical concerns’ surrounding this study is also something a researcher will need to remain aware of, because the naturalistic method is a form of unobtrusive study a participant may not have given the consent to...

References: Psychology (2007) Schacter, Gilbert, Wegner
Worth Publishers
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