Psychology Survey Project

Topics: Crime, Sex, Male Pages: 3 (902 words) Published: September 5, 2013
Psychology 110Alicia Phillips

Survey Project
The topic I chose for my survey project is the correlation between females/males & the crime rate amongst the two sexes. As well as the level of consciousness that each sex feels while participating in these crimes. The reason I chose this topic specifically is because I’m interested in seeing if females or males are more aware of their conscious during or after taking part in a criminal activity & how they differ between the sexes. Also, I’m just curious about whether men or women are more likely to think like a criminal & which is or was, more likely to participate in illegal activity. My question is: Do females allow their consciousness to play a role when deciding to commit a crime or something they know to be wrong, more than a male would?, Or vice versa?

I don’t want to be biased during this survey. But after the survey I’m predicting the female portion of my survey, will have a lower crime rate than that of the males. Also I predict that the females’ conscious will play a big part in them deciding whether or not to commit a crime or something that is known to be wrong.

Below are several questions that correspond with crimes or wrongful behaviors. Please respond as accurately as you can to the following statements. The information you provide will not be treated in a personal way. Rather, it will be analyzed to find out different rates between both men & women & their level of conscious during the stated behaviors. Read each question thoroughly before answering each one. Check the box to the right of each statement if it applies to you. Underneath each question, please circle your level of consciousness during each event. Rate your level of conscious by, 1 meaning you didn’t think about anything or feel bad for participating in the activity, up to 10, meaning that you felt really bad for...
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