Psychology positive negative reinforcement

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 Positive Reinforcement

I have three daughters ages: 9, 7, & 3 years old. I use positive reinforcement differently with my two older daughters than that of my youngest. My oldest daughter is in third grade and my middle daughter is in first grade. I often use positive reinforcement strategies on them to praise them for a good job on their school work. When they bring home a graded paper that they received an 100% on they are very proud of the grade. I say to them that I'm proud of their good grade and I say encouraging words: Wow that is great, awesome, way to go, terrific, fantastic, right on, keep up the good work. I also give them a big hug and smile and put their paper on the refrigerator. By praising them and letting them know that I'm so happy that they did a good job on their assignment this will encourage them to do good on all of their assignments in school. They don’t always get all “A’s” or 100% on their papers but even if they get a low score I still praise them and tell them that I know on the next paper that they will be able to bring their grade up. I also reward them by giving them a special treat such as ice cream when they get good grades on their report card.

I also use positive reinforcement when I want them to help do chores around the house. I will give them a task to do and as they are completing the task I will let them know that I appreciate their help and that they are doing such a good job. I also keep a weekly chore sheet and when they have completed their chores for the day they get a sticker on the board and at the end of the week if they have completed all of their chores they get to choose a fun activity...
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