Psychology Performance Appraisal System

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Letter of Transmittal

Dr. Md. Kamal Uddin
Course Teacher,
Industrial psychology,
Faculty of Business Administration
Bangladesh University of Professionals.

Subject: Submission of Transmittal

Dear Dr. Md. Kamal Uddin,

With a great respect, we are informing you that we have prepared a report of case study on The Performance appraisal system in private telecommunications. For the project completion, we have selected a Privet Telecommunication Company - Robi Axiata Ltd. We feel great pleasure for submitting this report to you, which will definitely help us to be successful in our future life and to complete the BBA program.

During the preparation of this report, we have experienced a lot that will greatly help us in our further studies and career life. It has enlightened our practical knowledge about psychological practices in the practical world of business, the strategies they follow to maintain this problem in the organization although the employees, the experienced we got from here will help us to contribute these techniques in our practical life. We tried our level best to develop a good report.

We would like to thank you for giving us such an opportunity to do this report on this topic. We enjoyed working on this project.

Thank you,

Sincerely yours,

Shadman Ariq Nadi (B1102013)
Anika Tasnim (B1102041)
Shabab Ishmam (B1102029)
Saba Tahiruba Anthea (B1102040)
Shahnewaz Mustafiz (B1102037)


By the cordial mercy of Allah, now we are able to submit our report to our honorable sir Kamal Uddin. We strongly believe that it would not be possible preparing such a report without Almighty’s grace.

Now we would like to thank our honorable sir Kamal Uddin for his keen efforts and invaluable guidance, helped us to understand, what the Performance Appraisal system is and its different concepts, implementation and impact on organization which facilitated the successful completion of the report.

We would also like to express gratitude to my university faculty members. They should be remembered because they produced the platform of our knowledge.

Finally we are really grateful to the other employees of Robi Axiata Ltd. for their help and valuable advice. Again, we would like to thank our honorable teacher for giving us such a chance in completion of the report.

Finally, we like to say that, we have prepared this report from our own experience. We are ready to accept our unwilling errors and omission which belong to us.

Table of Content

Sl. No.| Titles| Page No.|
(i)| Cover page| 1-2|
(ii) | Letter of transmittal| 3|
(iii)| Acknowledgement| 4|
(iv)| Executive summery| 5|
(v)| Introduction of the organization| 7|
(vi)| Organizational Overview| 8-13|
(vii)| Introduction to the study| 14|
(viii)| Scope of the study| 15|
(ix)| Methodology| 16-17|
(x)| Limitation| 18|
(xi)| Analysis and Discussion| 19-31|
(xii)| Major findings| 32|
(xiii)| Recommendation| 33|
(xiv)| Conclusion| 34|
(xv)| Bibliography| 35|
(xvi)| Appendix| 36|


Executive Summery

The report is prepared to determine the Performance appraisal system of Robi Axiata Ltd. Robi Axiata Ltd. has strong and effective Performance appraisal system which works for raising the spirits, efficiency and co-operation among the employees and also adopting new operation process, marketing strategy. Therefore, it is great to evaluate the Performance appraisal system of Robi Axiata Ltd. Through this report, a clear idea is generated about what actually the Performance appraisal system is and its impact in a company, the importance of Performance appraisal system, the methods and policy used to set for The Performance Management, how many types of The Performance Appraisal an organization can do, what type plan should take for better The Performance Appraisal of employees. So we can draw a sharp line of the issue...

Bibliography: * DeCenzo, D.A. and Robbins, S.P. (2005). Fundamentals of HRM. Eighth edition, John Wiley & Sons, USA.
* Blanchard, P.N. and Thacker, J.W. ( 2005). Effective Training. Second Edition, Pearson Education, Singapore.
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