psychology of women

Topics: Gender, Female, Woman Pages: 4 (928 words) Published: December 5, 2014
Lilattie Ghamandi
Psychology of women paper
Learned Performances taught by Social Norms and Reinforcements

The novel that I choose to analyzed is “there and now” by Linda Lael Miller. It is a fictional romance novel that could be considered a traditional romance novel, in that it embodies many gendered stereotypes that are frequently associated but males and females. One of the reasons why this particular genre (romance) was picked was because romance novels is often one of the most read genre among young girls and women, therefore one can conclude that romance novels are influential in the development on gendered stereotypes. Now and There plays many of these gendered stereotypes both for men and woman, such as a man must be masculine and a woman feminine. These differences of males and females are very deeply engrained into our lives, “we were taught that women are more emotional, more in need of security, love and attention, more interested in family than in individual successes, and in generally we were taught that women are people whose self esteem are wrapped up in relationships and in doing for others. Men were taught to be more explicitly individualistic, more aggressive, more independent, and people who self esteem were based on social successes and being effective leaders”1. These testaments of masculinity must be proven by men in scenarios such as taking care of a woman, being strong physically and mentally, having money, being dominant and asserting control. While as a woman much be feminine in order to prove her femininity and woman hood, she must be strong and not so strong that she is stronger than the men in her lives, she must be smart but not too smart, she must be soft spoken and docile. She must be the ideal woman, beautiful, a house wife, in the idea that she must be able to cook and care for a man and children if they are present before she thinks about herself, to put it clearly a woman must be a care giver and selfless...
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