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Topics: Narcissism, Narcissistic personality disorder, Psychology Pages: 4 (1329 words) Published: February 28, 2015

Yes, this behavior can be controlled or influenced but only partially. People who has this kind of behaviour always thinks they’re better than others, thinks the world revolves around them. At times they can inconsiderate, who are not kind or nice. Without control, the narcissist is nothing, they are nobody. Without control, the narcissist has no identity. Their image is shattered. That’s why they fight like hell to gain control of everyone and everything around them,their entire identity is riding on it. They flourish when there’s power and control, that’s is why trying to control or influence them is a big task.

The first means in controlling a Narcissist’s, is to get on his or her good side. To do this, one must always be attentive. Narcissist needs and must be the centre of attention, therefore always remain alert whenever you’re interacting with a narcissists and provide knowledgeble input to signify that you’ve been hearing actively throughout the conversation.

Another means is to offer sincere praise. Take advantage any and all of the narcissist's endeavors or achievements that you genuinely admire. Use them to provide recognition and acknowledgement towards a narcissist. Insincere compliments may be tolerated by the narcissist, but keep in mind that deep down the narcissist usually lacks well grounded self esteem. Therefore, the more credible you can be, the better it is. For added bonus, do it within the presence of a crowd, the more the attention, the better.

There is no known treatment available to help aid or remove this behavior. One of the options that people tend to take is to seek the help of a counselor. The counselor can become a mirror for the client. This would allow the patient to see their way of thinking, actions, deeds, and misuse of affection from others. The patient can confront their ego with the help of a counselor.

The character that intrigued us the most within the film(The Devil Wear Prada) is Miranda...
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