Psychology Movie Review

Topics: Edward Norton, Brad Pitt, Fight Club Pages: 2 (921 words) Published: February 18, 2013
Fight Club, starring Edward Norton who plays a role as a typical single man, living an ordinary life working in the corporate world. He believes in buying the most fascinating things that his money can buy. Even though that may seem perfect, he suffered from insomnia, multiple person’s disorder (schizophrenia), delusions, and paranoia. The movie starts out with a detailed history of his life as an adult. But surprisingly throughout the whole movie, he (Edward Norton) never once stated his name. He was the narrator telling his story. Then I tend to notice that he, “the narrator” mainly focused on self-talk and also dealing with his insomnia. After he seeks out the attention from his physician to deal with the lack of sleep, his physician guides him to seek out a support group of mean that are dealing testicular cancer. By visiting this support group he encounters a man named Bob, one of the men diagnosed with testicular cancer. During this group session when they partnered up, Bob released his emotion and in return it gave him (Edward) a false sense of security and by releasing and allowing himself to cry it helped him cope with his insomnia. After a while, he began to seek out multiple support groups, even though there was nothing relevant to him, it was like an addiction that he used to cope with the sleeping disorder. It was basically a vacation to him. In these support groups this is where he met a woman named Marla who played a woman that believed everyday she could die in which frustrated him because he felt she was imposing in on his life. They both were like tourist going from support group to support groups seven days a week. During his travels throughout work as a recall coordinator, he eventually found companionship in a free spirited man, called Tyler Durdan, played by Brad Pitt. Shortly after returning home he found his apartment full of everything that he had ever wanted taken from him in an explosion, and relied onto Tyler to lend a hand in a...
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