Psychology Learning Techniques

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Collins Atuti
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Learning Techniques
Write about whether your experiences with that technique were consistent or inconsistent with the research findings outlined in this article? As a college student, it is crucial to have effective learning techniques to be able to achieve success in any course. In this psychology research we were challenged to evaluate the efficacy of 10 learning techniques that students could use to improve their success across a wide variety of content domain. The two best learning techniques I considered were elaborative interrogation and rereading. Both of these techniques supported a majority of the aspects based on the “four variables of generalizabilty” - materials, learning conditions, student characteristics, and criterion tasks. Combing both of these learning techniques have proven to be consistent due to how they compliment each other perfectly. Do you agree or disagree with the authors’ judgments about the effectiveness of the technique? Elaborative interrogation generates an explanation for why an explicitly stated fact or concept is true. It has proven to be effective when used in any subject matter because it prompts students to answer “Why?” questions which can facilitate learning. Through this students can question new facts with prior knowledge to facilitate the organization of that information. Although, organization alone is not sufficient enough so students must also be able to differentiate among related facts to be accurate when identifying or using the learned information. Since kindergarteners haven’t acquired enough knowledge to be able to use this process, this technique can only be efficient if the student retains background information and higher learning to be able to recall on prior knowledge. Rereading is the restudying of text material again after an initial reading. It has not proven to be as an effective way to study materials as the other techniques. In this article the...
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