Psychology in the Movie, Inception

Topics: Unconscious mind, Dream, Sigmund Freud Pages: 3 (949 words) Published: February 25, 2014

Christopher Nolan’s 2010 film “Inception” is based on the idea of hijacking and manipulating someone’s dream, accessing the unconscious mind to steal and plant ideas.  

This is a very delicate operation, revolved around the idea of grasping and manipulating one single thought or symbol (to plant an idea in one’s mind) that will then lead on to trigger a series of events.  This immediately links to Freud’s idea of the unconscious mind and how symbols represent our hidden desires or fears, that can be interpreted with psychoanalysis.  This is shown through the main character, Cobb, as his wife Mal frequently intrudes on these operations.  One evident interpretation of this is that Cobb feels immensely guilty towards not only her suicide, but also his inability to prevent it.   Another interpretation of this could be that he simply missed her, and wanted to be with her, therefore his mind “projecting” it into his dreams.

Freud believed that our mind is made up of three levels-  the conscious level is made up of our thoughts and perceptions. It is what we are aware of, what we can remember, discuss and deal with.  He believed that a large part of our mind is hidden- the unconscious levels where our desires, fear, pain and conflicts are located.  When we are awake, the desires and fears are suppressed by the superego, however when you are dreaming, you are able to access the Id or the unconscious mind as your guards are let down during dream state.  

When Ariadne sneaks into Cobb's dream, it is revealed that Cobb constantly visits Mal, who he has locked up in a building. She manages to distract him and take the lift down into the basement, where she witnesses Mal's last night alive. This elevator could represent the layers of the preconscious and unconscious mind, and your deepest hidden desires and fears are all suppressed into the "basement" or the unconscious mind.

When Saito is shot and dying, it is revealed that if he was to die, he would be sent...
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