Psychology in Daily Life Experiences

Topics: Psychology, Attention, Mind Pages: 3 (830 words) Published: January 18, 2013
Pychology in Daily life Experiences
Weng Yu Shan


Many people might doubt that how can psychology relate to our life? There come up with the answer to support everybody’s confusion. The psychological research has indicated that the cause of every experience: your physical and mental health, ability to form close relationships endurance, capacity for learning and personal growth.(Richard J.Gerrig & Philip G Zimbardo , 2008)All of these are related to our daily life. Though the psychological theories, we are able to learn ourselves by scientific explanation.

Stress -Changes

Hans Selye defines stress ass the nonspecific response of the body to any demand on it.;the arousal ,both physical and mental ,to situation or event that we perceive as threatening or challenging. In our daily life, stress might come from the on-set situation or off-set situation.( Hans Selye,2011) For example, even lecturer mentioned the date of exam, when the day is near ,I will feel very stress also. On the other hand, if lecturer sudden announces that we are going to have pop-quiz immediately. With no doubt ,it will be the causes of my stress. As you can see, the root of stress is changes in life. Even the changes are kind of positive things. When I knew I was accepted by UCSI University, at the moment I was very happy. Latter on, all the possible situation come up in my mind. Am I able to adapt the new environment? Am I able to pass all the subjects? We all wish to have smooth life, but these positive or negative changes are the challenges to our life.

Sensory adaptation

Sensory adaptation is repeated or constant stimulation decreases the number of sensory messages sent to the brain ,which causes decreased sensation.(Living psychology )For example, the things happened at the moment after the PE class,all the students with sweating body go into the class room...
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