Psychology Forefathers: Skinner

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Psychology Forefathers: Skinner

Who is he?
He is a mechanistic, behavourial scientist who denied the existence of the creative puropseful mind or an inner person free to choose and accept responsibility for one’s actions. He was born in March, 1904 in Pensyalvannia and died in 1990.

The “brilliant” originator of radical behaviourism.

He took his science out of the lab and into the world where it could help people.

Quote: Interview with B.F. Skinner, March, 1990.

What is he known for?
Behavior analysis. (is the science of controlling and predicting human behavior.) Operant conditioning. (is the use of a behavior's antecedent and/or its consequence to influence the occurrence and form of behavior.) Radical behaviorism. (Skinner believed that both genetic makeup and personal history are responsible for an individuals behaviour, but he concentrated on personal history by pointing out the effects of objective, observable conditions in the individuals enviroment. Verbal Behavior.

Operant conditioning chamber.

Are his theories applied today?
His theories have not only helped mental health professionals to improve the quality of life for the mentally retarted (challenged) and addicted. Teachers helping to improve performance in class, and businesspeople to improve morale and productivity of workers. Skinners theories include: Operant conditioning (skinners box), radical behaviourism, the air crib (baby box) and more.

When might this psychologists methodology have been used?
The air box theory (Skinners box):
He created the chamber to measure the responses of animals and interactions with the enviroment. This was from his own philosophy of a science called Radical Behaviorism and founded his own school of experimental research psychology—the experimental analysis of behavior. Skinner also invented the cumulative recorder to measure rate of responding. In what situation/scenario might this methodology be implemented? Example:...
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