Psychology Final

Topics: Psychology, Nature versus nurture, Developmental psychology Pages: 4 (1396 words) Published: September 2, 2013
Honors Psychology
Final Exam
In Module 1A, the overall topic was psychology perspectives and ethics in research. Several things I learned while completing this was that Freud was known as “the father of psychology,” what the APA was, and counselor’s standards. Learning about the foundations of psychology better helped me think about choosing it as a career path or not. If I do decide to become a psychologist, this module gave me more knowledge about the different types of psychologists there are, and what each of them does on a daily basis.

Module 1B taught me about research methods and evaluation. For tests and quizes I had to know about mean, median, and mode, binds, and testing groups. I learned that experients are often preformed on large groups of people, how they are taken, and the different groups they are divided into. I now believe that I should always answer survey questions if taking one corretly because you may only be one person, but that answer affects data that may need to be known. I should never just go through one too quickly because I do not feel like spending a few extra minutes taking it.

Module 2A was long and difficult because this was my first learning interaction with neurobiology. Neurobiology is a study that involves the brain and its functions. During this section, I played games that helped teach me where certain parts of the brain are located, their names, and what each of them does or controls. So, I am now informed on why and what part of my brain is controlling when something in my body is happening, I feel a certain way, I do something specific, the way I see something, or the thoughts I have. I am glad to have this knowledge because now when I feel, think, or do something I have an idea about what is happening inside of my head.

In Module 2B, biological psycholgy was the main topic. I learned about nature vs. nurture, some prescription drugs, and sleep habits. During one assignment, I had to think about traits that I...
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