Psychology Experiments

Topics: Scientific method, Experiment, Hypothesis Pages: 4 (524 words) Published: March 17, 2013
analogue experiment

blind design

case study


control group


correlational method

dependent variable

double-blind design

epidemiological study

A research method in which the experimenter produces abnormal-like behavior in laboratory participants and then conducts experiments on the participants. An experiment in which participants do not know whether they are in the experimental or the control condition.

A detailed account of a person's life and psychological problems.

In an experiment, a variable other than the independent variable that is also acting on the dependent variable.

In an experiment, a group of participants who are not exposed to the independent variable.

The degree to which events or characteristics vary along with each other.

A research procedure used to determine how much events or characteristics vary along with each other

The variable in an experiment that is expected to change as the independent variable is manipulated.

Experimental procedure in which neither the participant nor the experimenter knows whether the participant has received the experimental treatment or a placebo.

A study that measures the incidence and prevalence of a disorder in a given population.

longitudinal study

natural experiment

nomothetic understanding


experimental group

external validity



independent variable

internal validity

A study that observes the same participants on many occasions over a long period of time.

An experiment in which nature, rather than an experimenter, manipulates an independent variable.

A general understanding of the nature, causes, and treatments of abnormal psychological functioning in the form of laws or principles.

A research procedure in which a variable is manipulated and the effect of the manipulation is observed.

In an experiment, the participants who are exposed to the independent variable...
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