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McKenna McRoy
January 9, 2013

In module 1A, I learned about the history of psychology, psychological perspectives, careers in psychology, and ethics. At the start of the idea of psychology Wilhelm Wundt became the “father of psychology”. Different approaches and perspectives became as a variety of people began to study psychology, such as Sigmund Freud’s psychoanalytical perspective, Carl Rogers and Abraham Maslow’s psychological perspective, and so on. I also learned about the diverse careers in the psychology field. There are clinical and counseling psychologists which diagnose and treat people with things such as depression, and there are sports psychologists to help athletes keep their heads in the game. In the last lesson of the module I learned about ethics, and the importance of it. Ethics has a lot to do with how you are as a psychologist morally. If you have good ethics then all of your patients would have things such as informed consent. On a personal level, I have looked at things through different perspectives to try to make a connection on theories I learned about in this module. Learning about the career choices may change my future being that I now know this is a career choice and I could make psychology an everyday job.

In module 1B, I learned about research methods and evaluation of research. I learned about the experimental method, which is a method in which an experiment is conducted with manipulation to an independent variable-the manipulated- to determine and record the effects on the dependent variable-the tested. Naturalistic observation is another research method. In this method, the researcher observes a situation play out as it would naturally, and does not interfere. More personal ways of research are also available such as a case study. A case study is in depth to a single subject. After you do all of your research, you should evaluate it. Evaluation of research is important because is helps prevent making false expectations. I now know the process it takes to obtain research, and I think this will help me in the future for conducting any experiment, observation, or study. I more thoroughly understand what the processes consist of.

Module 2A was neurobiology. It mainly focused on the parts of the brain, where they are, and what they control, and was mostly vocabulary. The brain could be divided into four different parts: The frontal lobe, the occipital lobe, the parietal lobe, and the temporal lobe. The frontal lobe is necessary for motor control and more complex, high-end functioning like speech, decision-making, and judgments, and lies just behind the forehead. The occipital lobe is responsible for eyesight, the parietal lobe is majorly involved in touch, pressure, and temperature. Finally, the temporal lobe is responsible for hearing. There are many more parts of the brain with many functions. Your limbic system mostly controls emotions, your hippocampus helps the formation of memories, and your thalamus controls your senses, just to name off a few more. I learned a lot in this lesson that I have thought about outside of the class, when I get hungry I know it’s my hypothalamus telling me so. I think it will be very useful to know what parts of the brain control what.

Module 2B was biological psychology. Sleep is critical to your health and development. If you don’t get enough, then there are many possible side affects such as irritability, drowsiness, lack of concentration, lack of energy, anxiety, heart attack, obesity, etc. Before this lesson, I didn’t know there was a difference in nightmares and night terrors. They both have strong feelings of fear while sleeping, but night terrors interrupt your sleep. I thought it was interesting the way they classified those. I also learned how drugs affect the brain. Stimulants speed you up, depressants slow you down, and hallucinogens produce images and perceptions that are...
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