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“Stuttering May Not Cause Emotional Woes in Preschoolers: Study” by Amy Norton HealthDay Reporter, August 26th, 2013. ( This article connects to developmental psychology. This is because it talks about speech problems that young children seem to adapt during the early stages of development.

This article explains that preschoolers who stutter usually do not suffer emotional or social problems. Researchers actually believe that they might have stronger language skills than other preschoolers. There is theory that their language capacities, or motor skills, are more developed. Therefore their motor system doesn’t keep up with their cognitive system, causing them to stutter. They also say that girls outgrow stuttering on their own, whereas boys ages 6-7 stutter more than girls; they are not sure why this happens. There is however some children who stutter who are shy, but they grow out of it, just as they grow out of their stuttering.

I thought this article stood out to me, because I used to know kids who had a stutter. But I do question the title of the article. It didn’t talk much about their emotional development and how stuttering impacts it, it’s like they sort of contradicted the title by saying some kids have emotional difficulties. They talked about how boys don’t grow out of it as fast, which I think it true because my friend didn’t stop stuttering until last year, and he is now a sophomore. Why do girls grow out of it quicker?

“Neuroscientists Find a Key to Reducing Forgetting: It's About the Network” New York University, August 29th, 2013, ScienceDaily ( This article is connected to cognition, because it’s talking about “reducing forgetting”, which has to do with memory, thinking, and problem solving.

In this article, they explain how memories are easily...
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